Hawaii Medical College offers scholarship opportunities for those that qualify. Learn more about the requirements for each scholarship and how to apply below.

Hawaii Medical College Merit Scholarship

The Hawaii Medical College Merit Scholarship provides financial assistance to incoming students enrolling for the first time. All Hawaii Medical College Merit Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain high academic standards and display exemplary leadership skills.

Scholarship recipients receive up to $3,000, which is applied to costs accrued during attendance. The application is available through the financial aid office or can be requested by sending an email to

Scholarship recipients are chosen through a blind review process conducted by the Hawaii Medical College Scholarship board. During the review, all personally identifiable information is redacted, and the board evaluates applications on a point system. The top three applications are then considered for final selection.

The final selection is made based on student performance during the first five weeks of the program. Minimum performance requirements include maintaining a 3.00 GPA and 100% attendance. Merit Scholarship recipient notices are mailed no later than the second Friday of the second module.

For more information or to request for an application, please contact the financial aid office at 808.237.5140 or email us at

MyCAA Scholarship

Career Advancement Account for Military Spouses

Spouse of an active duty Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine service member, or activated Reserve member in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, or O1-O2.

If the spouse of National Guard and/or AGR member, the sponsor must be on federal Title 10 active duty orders as reported in DEERS.

Spouses of Guard/Reserve members in an Alert, Transition Assistance, or Post Deployment status are not eligible. MyCAA accounts will be limited to the new $4,000 maximum benefit with a $2000 fiscal year cap. Waivers to the fiscal year cap will be available for spouses pursuing licensure or certification with a cost that exceeds the $2,000 fiscal year cap up to the total maximum assistance of $4,000.

Spouses must finish their program of study within three years from the start date of the first course.

Funding is limited to only Associate's degrees, certifications and licensure programs.