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Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) National Honor Society

Hawaii Medical College is a proud member of the Hawaii Chapter of the Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) National Honor Society. The purpose of the Society is to encourage and recognize superior student academic achievement, character, and leadership. It also provides valuable resources for students, including reference letters, national recognition, and vast networking opportunities.

The Alpha Beta Kappa chapter at Hawaii Medical College was established on June 9, 2016. Our ABK Honor Students are based upon the following criteria:

  • Superior student academic achievement (GPA 3.70 or higher)
  • Leadership Experience
  • Community Service

Alpha Beta Kappa outstanding students receive a Personalized Certificate with the Official Gold Seal of Distinction, the Alpha Beta Kappa Honorary Gold Key, the esteemed Alpha Beta Kappa honor cord, and a special letter of congratulations from the President of the Society.

The Personalized Certificate includes the candidate's name, institution, Chapter affiliation, and date of graduation.

Membership privileges and honors include:

  • National Student Recognition
  • Reference Alpha Beta Kappa on all future resumes
  • Lifetime membership (no annual dues)
  • Letters of Reference (upon request)
  • Networking opportunities with other local Alpha Beta Kappa Chapters
  • Responds to all inquiries from employers, colleges, graduate schools, and scholarship committees
  • Personalized Membership Certificate
  • All Certificates include the Alpha Beta Kappa Gold Seal of Distinction
  • Alpha Beta Kappa Gold Key
  • Congratulatory letter from Alpha Beta Kappa and a narrative about the society

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