Faculty & Staff

Dr. Kevin Awaya
Phone: 808-954-4934

Kiana Awong
Student Services Advisor
Phone: 808-564-3190
Fax: 808-237-5794

Julie Bannister
Admissions Advisor
Phone: 808-237-5142
Fax: 808-237-5800

Guy Benjamin
Phone: 808-237-5144
Fax: 808-237-5804

Kevin Borras
IT & Facilities Manager
Phone: 808-237-5147
Fax: 808-237-5807

Jessica Brsicoe
Clinical Instructor
Phone: 808-237-5140

Josephine Busano
Payroll/HR/Benefits Plan Administrator
Phone: 808-237-5141
Fax: 808-237-5801

Cheryl Char
Director of Academic Support Services
Phone: 808-237-5145
Fax: 808-237-5805

Ron Claxton
CMA Program Coordinator
Phone: 808-954-4931

Ariel Cruz
Admissions Advisor
Phone: 808-564-3191
Fax: 808-237-5075

Ashton Cudjoe
President and CEO
Phone: 808-699-7602
Fax: 808-237-5803

Shelly Fernandez

Susan Hagedorn
HABC Instructor

Mike Harris
Director of Finance & IT
Phone: 808-439-8618
Fax: 808-237-5385

Travis Ho
Admissions Advisor
Phone: 808-237-5149
Fax: 808-237-5809

Bill Jarvis

Dr. Lillian Jones
Phone: 808-237-5140

Elizabeth Manibog
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 808-237-5146
Fax: 808-237-5806

Charis Matsuwaki
Director of Education

Ismael Mendoza
Student Accounts Manager
Phone: 808-564-3194

Lane Muraoka
Computer Instructor

Phylicia Murray
Phone: 808-237-5145
Fax: 808-237-5805

Nida Ortega
Clinical Externship Coordinator
Phone: 808-564-3192
Fax: 808-237-5896

Jonathan Padua
Phone: 808-237-5140

Drew Peduto
Pharmacy Technician Program Director
Phone: 808-954-4937
Fax: 808-237-5384

Michael Roura Puaatuua
Phone: 808-237-5140

Dr. Garry Roy
Phone: 808-439-8617

Perfecto Salvador
Phone: 808-237-5140

Courtney Slagel
Financial Aid Advisor
Phone: 808-954-4939
Fax: 808-237-5802

Len Tanaka
Clinical Instructor

Bradley Taguinod
Tuition Coordinator
Phone: 808-369-8594
Fax: 808-369-8570

Jetta Tobin
Aloha Coordinator
Phone: 808-237-5140

Sarah Vanterpool
HABC Program Coordinator
Phone: 808-564-3193
Fax: 808-237-5856

Laura Weaver
General Education Instructor