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Can we pick our class times, or is there a set schedule?

Our schedule is designed with the adult learner in mind. Students are given a well organized preset schedule to ensure that they get the most out of their educational experience. Successfully adhering to this preset schedule allows a student to complete in-class instruction in about a year.


What do I need to bring in with me to enroll?

• Completed Enrollment Application
• $50 Application processing fee
• Resume
• High School Transcript


How often do you start classes?

Hawaii Medical College limits enrollment in order to ensure that we are providing each student with the attention and opportunities they deserve. Start dates are listed on our Academic Calendar. There are 5 starts per year, and they are usually scheduled 10 weeks apart.


What prerequisites does your school require in order to attend?

Hawaii Medical College requires that all students have a high school diploma.


How many classes do we take at a time?

Students are scheduled to take two classes every 5 weeks.


Do you offer only weekend classes, Saturday & Sunday?

No, we do not offer weekend only classes. Only our evening students attend school on the weekend. The evening students are required to attend Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm – 9:30pm, and on Saturdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


Do you have Financial Aid, if so what's the school code?

Hawaii Medical College is approved by the Federal Department of Education to offer federal financial aid. The school code is 041822.


Do you transfer in credits from other schools?

Yes. After careful review of the course description, and the school's course catalog we may accept credit from other accredited institutions.


What percentages of students are hired after attending your school?

We are required by our accreditation body to meet a minimum placement rate. Naturally, our placement rate fluctuates from year to year. We are continually developing relationships with employers to increase access to job opportunities. We are proud to say that all of the students that have worked with us and are willing to work have been offered a job.


Do you help us find a job upon completion of our chosen program?

Actually, we start the job search assistance before you complete the program.


What is the student to teacher ratio?

We limit our enrollment to maintain a program student to teacher ratio of 1:12


How long are your programs?

All programs can be completed in about a year or around 60 weeks, 50 weeks of in-class instruction, and 10 weeks of internship/externship training.


Do you have a dress code, if so what is required?

Yes, we do have a dress code. A uniform is provided at the start of the program.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer several payment plans in addition to many other funding options. This information may be found on the Financial Aid page.


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